MAYBE and maybe Jackson likes it…………. the nicer ones. She tries not to HURT

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IT’S JEKYLL-AND-STRIPE I just deleted that post since I didn’t like the format. Thanks for your interest <33333 

Everyone should send me Jackson/Toralei headcanons and scenarios and fun ideas to doodle on that blog. Cleo/Toralei  or Deuce/Jackson as well. Thank u.


thanks, I, guess?

I got the random image of Jackson using a laser pointer and seeing how Toralei hunts it, then like puts it on his body, or face or something expecting to get her close enough to cuddle. Cept she just pounces on his face/pants and no this was a bad idea.

HAHA aaw. Well that’s what u get

I guess it gets confusing when huge dilated pupils means both love and DEATH

mvmarcz answered your post: “Hello peeps, which colours do you think I should go with?”:
the green pops more the yellow has them blend into it

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First one makes characters pop out more ;)

ceedrics answered your post: Hello peeps, which colours do you t…

first one

okok it’s a green consensus, the yellow was supposed to kinda blend into them to set a bright happy kind of mood but the green just looks better so I’ll go with that THANK YOU

Everywhere, everybody know me~

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#Repost from @monsterhigh with @repostapp —- iCoffin Alert: #FinneganWake is creeping up in the polls fangs to a fintastic campaign poster! Help him make a splash & vote here:

Pros to Finnegan Wake / Ryder.

+ If you haven’t seen his websiode, what are you waiting for!? watch it here. it’ classic, main ghouls thinking they know what’s best for someone better than they know them self.

+ He’s portrayed as disabled, based on how he is presented and more importantly how the girls treat him. While I know that lots of people don’t like that because he’s a merman and in water he would be fine. But he isn’t in water is he? Wheelchairs are meant to be used by individuals who can’t walk and by definition. He can’t walk. He also can’t float like Sirena, wheelchair seems like his best bet to get around. so while his need for the chair is situational he still needs it.

+ Correct me if I am wrong but we haven’t seen a Mattel character in a wheel chair since share a smile Becky. which was almost 20 years ago btw, Disabled kids have just as much of a want and need to see themselves in their toys as everyone else does. Becky was hard core. Becky was a gold medalist in the paralympics. So there is a precedent for them to do this sort of thing.

+ Ryder makes it clear that it’s not okay to just impose your help on someone, if he needs help or wants it he will ask, no one needs to babysit him, a lesson i think we as a society often forget about the disabled.

+ His personality type is a new one for the guys, he’s an adrenaline junkie! thrill seeker! he rolled up onto the walls for crying out loud!

+ he has a buff upper body, which means! he’s a likely candidate to reuse Manny Taurs torso mold!

+ Him getting a doll would hopefully fix his weird, long, jelly bean head and anime face.

+ He’s a boy and we always need more, Even if you don’t like his character, we need to send a message to Mattel that Monster High isn’t like Barbie. we don’t view our boys as accessories and we want more.

Cons to Ryder.

+….idk, he’s all blue and that’s getting kind of old I guess.

Quill is cute and I would love to learn about her since we know nothing about her as of yet, I’m sure she would make a very cute doll! but I’m in no hurry for her.

Gory is in the same boat, I like her as a character but as a doll there isn’t anything special about her, just put a wig and some glasses on the campire and you can make a Gory. she will get a doll of her own someday, she’s a strong presence in the movies and the webisodes. we will see her in doll form soon no matter how this poll goes, so why waste your vote?

But Garrett basically told us that it’s a pain in the ass to get male dolls greenlit so if we want any of them we need to say it loud and proud until Mattel gets the message, we are powerful with our numbers!

Vote Finn ♥♥♥

jackson dressing up like a werecat for halloween.

MMMHHHhh I guess Freaky Fusion says this is a-okay to do

I mean Jackson in cat ears sounds okay to ME

But maybe it’d be weird since he’s a normie?

I don’t know

Please love Briar Beauty


Due to Faybelle Thorn and Ginger Breadhouse are coming up, (which we conclude out of their presence in various media) while Melody Piper and Rosabella Beauty are being ignored, thus shoved away, I would like to shine a light to how frightening I find this development.

Briar has a one-sided friendship with Apple White, listed as shared BFFery. Apple has never shown to care for her nor has ever done anything for her, while Briar has done that plenty of times. This counts for various characters Briar has interacted with who aren’t necessarily listed as her friends. She does stuff for others but nobody does stuff for her.

Faybelle Thorn is someone strongly on the Royal side and the villain to Briar’s story. As Briar has a story she is not entirely comfortable with, there’s a good chance the character will be as toxic to her as Apple is to Raven, but of antagonist variety, so it’s only getting worse.
Hopper Croakington, the closest Briar has to someone who cares for her. He entirely disrespects Briar’s boundaries of space, he has only stated to like her for hotness, and was one of the dudebros in the rape culture episode, making him and those other boys entirely unfit for romantic interests. His love is superficial and selfish.

Ginger Breadhouse is recently introduced in the books and has a crush on Hopper. I am very very worried that she will hate Briar out of jealousy. We had that fear with Cupid and Raven and I treasure any moment I see Cupid being supportive of Raven. Cupid is however written as a very bland dim-witted person and is treated like mud. I am pretty sure they won’t repeat this narrative, so it’s very well possible THIS “love”-V-formation of the heteros (love triangle is an incorrect term) is going to be really terrible.

Now Melody Piper on the other hand is Briar’s party DJ buddy actually said to be in tune with her and Briar looks up to her.
Rosabella Beauty, thought to be the daughter of Beauty from Beauty and the Beast, said in the books to be a cousin of Briar. (We assume the dark skinned lady, that currently functions as backgrounder, to be her)
Both characters are thought to be close to Briar and thus expected to be positive reinforcements for Briar.

Melody and Rosabella are known for a while and with no explanation Melody does not feature in the EAH yearbook even though she is an established character shown in the cartoon. In the yearbook, the Crumbs made their profile art debute.
The Crumbs are white. Faybelle and Ginger are most likely white. (what if they’re Bobs & Buns?)
Melody and Rosabella are not. Briar Beauty is not.
So positive fellow WOC characters are shoved away for negative white characters, which Briar currently already is surrounded by.

This makes me friggin cry. There is no one, no character who cares about Briar and all we have coming up are two most-likely-white characters who are probably going to hate Briar. What is this? I want nice things. REAL friends who respect, love and adore her, people who idolize and praise her. And people who comment on how she hosts great parties, is a great help with studies, a good person to talk to because she ALWAYS listens, that her energic behaviour is infectious and endearing.

Please love Briar Beauty.

The only thing more radical than a Jackson Holt 2 pack, is a Holt Rider 2 pack that's like dangerous stunts themed. Blue bros forever.

Nothing with Jackson in it is RAD, but anyway YEAAAH Rider, Holt, Daredevil Robecca and Speed Demon Ghoulia all tearing the school down, there’s a blue thing happening here

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