What happened to the all I-don’t-care-what-you-talk-about-me?

shut up… they weren’t talking about me

(there, I don’t ship it but i can draw them for you, creamo. since i’m sure i’ve been stalking you for quite some time now)

THANK YOU so much this was great to wake up to ♥ Beautiful!

~Skit i den här skolan, för det kvittar
vad faan vet dom om vår romans
Ni kommer hitta oss i hamnen
för allt vi har gjort~

miwadake replied to your photoset “Seen a whoole lot of shit, no1 can copy that ∿˘ ³˘)∿ *˚❤✩*ೃ.⋆”

you make me love this pairing so much


Thank you so much aaaaaaaAA

Seen a whoole lot of shit, no1 can copy that ˘ ³˘)∿ ✩*ೃ.⋆


Tora taught Cleo to cheer maybe they were just talking old memories there on the couch,

OOOH the good old days

Those loving faces


Guess what I found~~





Freaky Fusion. As always proceed to these sorts of sites with caution and adblock. Don’t know what kind of viruses my computer is holding off that your’s won’t.

I have to wait till my sister gets home to watch it. :c

Let me know if it’s actually a bad link or something.



MAYBE and maybe Jackson likes it…………. the nicer ones. She tries not to HURT

*whispers* Share your Jackson/Toralei blog with me, Creamo.


IT’S JEKYLL-AND-STRIPE I just deleted that post since I didn’t like the format. Thanks for your interest <33333 

Everyone should send me Jackson/Toralei headcanons and scenarios and fun ideas to doodle on that blog. Cleo/Toralei  or Deuce/Jackson as well. Thank u.


thanks, I, guess?

I got the random image of Jackson using a laser pointer and seeing how Toralei hunts it, then like puts it on his body, or face or something expecting to get her close enough to cuddle. Cept she just pounces on his face/pants and no this was a bad idea.

HAHA aaw. Well that’s what u get

I guess it gets confusing when huge dilated pupils means both love and DEATH

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