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Strange’s Art Commissions


So, like most people I need money now and then to buy things. I’ve never done art commissions before as I’ve never though anyone would want to pay for my art (unlike my sewing, but that’s a different can of worms). That line of thought hasn’t changed much, but recent circumstances have forced me to try. 

That means if you’d like to see your OC or whoever done in my style, Now’s your chance! (Also, as I’ve never done one of these pricing thingies before, if you have any pointers I’m open to those too.)


Torso Lineart: $3/character


Torso Full Color: $6/character 


Full Body Lineart: $6/character


Full Color Body: $12/character 

Just shoot me a message If you’re interested and we can work out the details. :)

Edit: Made a price adjust on the advice of several people. If you commissioned me before the change I’ll keep to the original price, but future commissions will adhere to this. 

Reblog if you want [Briar Beauty] for Thronecoming Queen!

Do you think Jackson sent those prom texts all on his own or did he have a wingmonster over his shoulder trying to help him get Toralei to go? Helpfully reminding him to add cat puns and to stay persistent and such.

HEATH fur sure

He would understand, pure evil be daamned you’re going to prom with the smoking hot redhead catgirl wööuw!



Fire boys soothes my soul

Also don’t know why I drew this one but it was in my gif folder, aight Jackson c’mon hug it out


Fire boys soothe my soul

Man I hope Neight is a decent enough character that I can end up shipping him with Jackson bc poor nerd baby is always getting beaten up and Neight has healing powers so they belong. No Frankie dispute just be gay and free unicorn rainbows.

Now here’s someone who’s a little NICE to Jackson, unlike ME 

I don’t exactly have super high hopes for Neight anymore. But I can’t help but think he’s the most adorable half decomposed horse ever.


Since I did my first giveaway at 250, it only makes sense I do my second one at 350! A big THANK YOU to all those wonderful people who decided to give me a follow. This is for you, so here we go:

The Prize:

A custom outfit made and designed by me for the MH or EAH doll of your choosing. 

(Note: If you wish to see and approve of the design before it gets made you are more than welcome to! I want you to like it after all.)

The Rules:

-Simply like or reblog this post and you’ll be entered.

-Reblog as many times as you want.

-You must have already been following me before I posted this; the prize is supposed to be a reward for them, after all. 

-Winner will be chosen at random.

Start/End Dates:

The contest begins today (Aug. 18) and will end one week from now (Aug. 25). 

Good luck! And thank you all again for the 350 follows!!! :D

So I fell in love with your art, and your Jackson X Toralei ship. I can’t get enough of it, and so decided to write a fic based off of some of your art of the couple. Specifically about their prom escapades. Hope you enjoy it, because your art inspired me to write it. 


THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH! Really glad you like my stuff and my ship! Fantastiqqq <3 <3 <3 


I just worry about u Tora with that bleedin heart u’ll fold in questioning

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